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Episode 56: Agile Review with Ennis Lynch, Special Guest David Sabine

2023-Nov-08: @AgileReview

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Video snapshot: Ennis and David

Ennis Lynch is a Technology coach, Management Consultant, and Agile Transformation Lead. He hosts the “Agile Review” podcast. In November 2023, I was a guest on his show.

We talked about:

  • Politics invading agile?
  • Word police
  • Leaving the Agile movement
  • Cost centers that are set up to fail
  • Canada’s failed Phoenix payroll system
  • Robert Moses and Scientific Management: Thinkers vs Doers

Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight — David Sabine

2023-Aug-24: Scrum.org

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Podcast thumbnail: Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight — David Sabine

If you are familiar with Scrum.org, you know of the highly qualified Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) who go through a rigorous process to take their real world Scrum experience to Scrum.org students.

In this podcast series, Scrum.org CEO Dave West interviews Professional Scrum Trainers about their experiences that led to their becoming a PST and exploring what Professional Scrum means to them.

In this episode, I chat with Dave West and discuss my journey to becoming a PST.

Ask a Professional Scrum.org Trainer with PST David Sabine

2023-Jul-11: Scrum.org

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I am honoured to be a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org and an expert contributor of the podcast. Scrum.org’s ask me anything series is among my favourites.

Scrum is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. While it is lightweight and simple to understand, it can be difficult to apply effectively. The Scrum.org Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer series features Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) in a live session, answering your most pressing questions regarding the challenges and situations your Scrum Teams are facing.

Le Sprinkler: L’agilité en podcast

2019-Nov-28: Agile Tour Montréal

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Photo of David during recording of the podcast. Photo credit to Le Sprinkler.

I am honoured to be a guest on Le Sprinkler with Eric Laramée and Mathieu Lafond.

Eric and Mathieu were podcasting directly from Agile Tour Montréal, interviewing speakers and live-Tweeting throughout the day. We recording this “mini” episode of Le Sprinkler and discussed the messy business of Agile at scale.

Scrum.org Webcast: Teams are Self-Organizing — Get Over It

2019-Sep-26: Webinar

Live Recording

In this Scrum Pulse webinar, I examine self-organization (in team settings) and explore examples of self-organization in the workplace.

My premise is simple: teams are self-organizing. I assert that is not a statement of preference or intention; rather, it is a statement of objective fact.

Scrum is among a very small number of frameworks which acknowledge that self-organization is natural. Scrum asserts that the quality of decisions increase when stakeholders collaborate with and trust the wisdom of their teams. The opposite is also true: Scrum’s design implies that common misbehaviors of managers (intervention, command & control) have costly consequences.

This webinar helps you learn strategies to better manage the work environment to support Scrum Teams and enable successful self-organization.

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

2018-Nov-19: Podcast

Episodes 1 — 5

I joined host, Vasco Duarte, for a series of 5 discussions about Scrum in the trenches.

We covered topics like culture, retrospectives, the Scrum Master role, large Agile adoption, and self-organization.

Vasco is the author of #NoEstimates and the very popular Scrum Master Toolbox. It was an honour to be his guest.

BeTheTalk With Nathan Eckel

2018-Sep-05: Podcast

Episode 219 @ pod.co

BeTheTalk is a daily podcast where Nathan Eckel chats with talkers from TEDx & branded events. I was a guest on Nathan’s show to discuss my 2012 TEDx talk.

  • [1:50] – My 2012 talk at TEDxFortMcMurray in a nutshell.
  • [4:23] – Empowering teachers.
  • [08:49] – What can the parents or the community do to support and be a force for a positive change?
  • [10:15] – The Blitz Round.
  • [14:49] – Final word of advice.

Presentation Materials & Slides

Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business

Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business

2023-Apr-10: Online
Complexity, Empiricism, and the Agile Origin Story
Global Online PMDay 2021

Global Online PMDay 2021

2021-Jun-25: Online
Post-Covid Office Environments & Team Structures
Ukraine Online PMDay 2021

Ukraine Online PMDay 2021

2021-Apr-24: Online
Farewell, Taylorism.
Agile Brigade Meetup

Agile Brigade Meetup

2020-May-27: Online
Feedback Loops: The Agile Community Evolves
Whiteboard Capture
Salesforce Project Delivery Community

Salesforce Project Delivery Community

2020-Mar-18: Kira Systems, Toronto, 370 King W
3 Ways to Increase the Agile IQ of an Organization
AgileRegina (Lean Coffee) Meetup

AgileRegina (Lean Coffee)

2020-Mar-05: Regina
Team Structures: Patterns that Work
Agile Tour Montréal

Agile Tour Montréal

2019-Nov-28: Montréal
The Messy Business of Agile at Scale
Stop Using Projects to Make Products
The Art of Agile Documentation
Materials & Slides
Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour

Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour

2019-Nov-22: Ottawa
Phoenix Payroll Catastrophe — Why Canada is Destined to Repeat It
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2019-Sep-26: Webinar
Agile Reports for the Project Manager’s Brain
Materials & Slides
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2019-May-23: Montréal
The Art of Agile Documentation
Materials & Slides
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Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour 2018

2019-Nov-30: Ottawa
The Art of Agile Documentation
Materials & Slides
Rotman School of Management Banner

Rotman School of Management

2017-Sep-01: University of Toronto
Leadership of Agile Organizations
Richard Ivey School of Business

Richard Ivey School of Business

2014-Mar-01: London, Ontario
Agile Startups
David on stage at TEDx Fort McMurray


2012-Mar-30: Alberta
Rethinking Education
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